How to Create An Optin Form

If you are using FusionHQ mailer, this tutorial is right for you. If you are using the mailing system from other providers (ie.

Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp), please click here.

For FusionHQ mailing subscribers, please make sure that you have already created the mail list. Click here. Then follow

the instructions below.

Step 1: Go to "Setup" and click on "Optin Forms". Enter a name and click on "Create Form".

Step 2: In the "Edit Form" window, you can rename your optin list if you want in the "Name" textbox. Choose "FusionHQ

Mailer" as the "Autoreponder" from the dropdown menu. Then choose the "List Name/ID" in the dropdown box element.

These are the lists in the "Autoresponders" section.


Step 3: In the "Collect Field" section, you can enable/disable any fields. And in the "Custom"  textbox is where you 

can input your own custom field (ie. phone number, address etc). "Email" field is obliged. "Enabled" is to request your

customers to fill in their details. "Required" is where they must enter the details. They cannot skip.

Step 4: Next, select the options which you want to give to the customers once they optin.


Step 5: Choose the free product(s) to give away to your new subscribers if you want to. If you don't have any, just leave it


Step 6: You can also add them automatically to any of your other contact lists. The lists shown in the pop-up page are

from both optin lists and mailing list in your FusionHQ account. If you don't want to, please keep it blank.


Step 7: You can also add your new customers to any of your membership levels. Keep it blank if you don't want to enable

this function.

Step 8: You are able to make the subscribers your affiliate at the time they optin. If you do not want to, simply leave this

function blank.

Step 9: Click "Advanced" to see more options. If you do not want any duplicated emails in the list, simply activate the

"Reject existing email" option. "Membership expires in" is to allow you to cancel the membership of the subscribers

automatically. "API Notify URL" is the very advance option which allows you to get notified when new subscribers are

added. You need to generate the url on own.

Once everything is set, click "Save" button. And you can apply this optin form in the "Optin Box". Click here