How to Add A New Page

This tutorial shows you how to have more pages on your website. It's very easy.

Step 1: Go to the funnel or content site which you want to have more pages.

Step 2: On the top right corner, click "New Page".

Step 3: At the "Funnel Page Options", you can enter the name of the page (ie. Thank You, Welcome). Note that special

characters (ie. quotation mark or question mark) are not allowed.

Step 4: If the "Blank page" option is selected, it means that the new page will have no content. You are free to add any

content you want.


Step 5: "Color" allows you to categorize the page. You may keep the pages with similar contents on the same color. So, 

it's easy for you to notice.

Step 6: You can group or categorize the page by using the "Fixed page" option as well. It will keep the pages together so it

will be easier to move its location within the "Funnel Map" or "Sitemap".

Step 7: If the "Duplicated page" option is selected, it means that the page will have exactly the same content with the page

which you duplicated it from. You can choose the page which you want to duplicate from the drop-down menu.

Step 8: If you select the "Redirect URL" option, it means that this page will bring your customers to another page with the

specified url. Enter the url which you want to bring your customers to in the "URL" input box.

Step 9: "URL style" allows you to select the url type of your page. "Encrypt" gives you the long url which is generated from

the system. This is a unique url and it’s for this page only.

Step 10: "Slug" is the option to apply the name of the page as its url.

After that, "Save" to keep changes.