How to Create A Broadcast Message

FusionHQ allows you to broadcast or send the email messages to your subscribers. The message will be sent to the

subscribers in the mailing lists only. You cannot send it to people in the optin list. You can send the broadcast message

only once. If a subscriber is added to the mailing list after the message is sent out, they will not receive it. The broadcast

cannot set the delay option.

This is how to use it:

Step 1: Go to "Autoresponders" tab and click on "Email Broadcast". Enter a new message name and click on "Create

Message" button.

Step 2: Then type in the "Subject". You can also insert the "{FIRSTNAME}" tag in your subject (i.e., Hello, John) by clicking

the "Insert {FIRSTNAME}" button.

Step 3: Enable the "Content" option, you can choose between "Plain Text" and "HTML". If you choose "Plain Text", you

can write or paste whatever you like but you cannot change the font face or size or color of your texts.

Step 4: If you choose "HTML", you do whatever you want to your message by utilizing the options in the menu.

Step 5: We provide some tags which you can insert in your message.

- Select the "Available Tags" from the dropdown menu and then click "Insert" button to insert it in the message.

- Select the "Affiliate Tool Links" from the dropdown menu and then click "Insert" button to insert it in the message.

- Use "Magic Link" option if you want to swap the URL in the content of your emails after a specific time.

Step 6: Select the mailing list which you want to send the message to. After that, choose the sending option at "Type".

Step 7: Once everything is set, you can select the saving option. There are:

- "Save & Preview" is to save and preview the message how it looks like. The message will not be sent but save only.

- "Save as Draft" is to save the message only. You cannot preview it and the message will not be sent.

- "Send" is used when you are ready to send the message.

- "Close" is to cancel the message.