How to Buy A Domain

You can buy the domains with us and each of them costs $10 per year. Note that you cannot refund this service. Please 

make sure that you spell its name correctly before click purchase. Before you can buy a domain, please add the credit 

balance to your account first.

Please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Go to "Settings" on the far right corner.

Step 2: Expand the "Package" section.

Step 3: Click "Add credits".

Step 4: Select the package. Here's its direct link:

Step 5: Now, the credit is added to your account.

Step 6: Also make sure that the address details on the right side are correctly in English. You cannot input any special

characters. Zip code is needed.

Step 7: Go to "Domains & Hosting". Then "Manage Domains".

Step 8: Enter the name of the domain and click "Add Domain".

Step 9: Tick the checkbox of the domain that you want to purchase and click "Purchase Domain".

Step 10: Now your domain is registered with us.

Step 11: In the upload option of your website, you can select this domain instantly at the "Verified Hosting" option.