How to Use the Buy Now Button

(Content Site)

Before you can use the "Buy Now" button on your sale page in the content/membership site, please make sure that you

have already set up your product and its payment option correctly. You cannot use the "Buy Now" button with the free


Please follow the instructions below to use the "Buy Now" button correctly.

Step 1: Edit the page where you want to use the "Buy Now" button by clicking on the pencil icon.

Step 2: Then in the "Drag & Drop" module, choose "Buy Now Button" element. Drag this element into your page.

Step 3: Choose the product from the dropdown element. 

- Also choose the payment type for this particular product.

- If your product is a physical product, you will be able to insert a quantity of your product in the "Quantity" textbox. It means 

that with one purchase, your customers will be receiving any number of items of your product.

- Tick on the "Add to cart instead of processing payment" box to enable the shopping function if you want to use the shopping cart.

- For the "Next page (after purchase)", choose the page from the dropdown menu. It is the page that your customers will

be redirected to after they pay.

- For the "Display Type" you can choose "My Images" or "Text". You can type down your own text. Or click "Browse" to 

select the pre-made image. You can upload your own image.

- Choose "Apply" after everything is set. 

Step 4: Click on the "Save" button to save your page. 

No need to make link to any other page in the sitemap.