How to Setup A Subscription Payment 

With ClickBank

Follow the steps below to set up a subscription payment inside your ClickBank account so it integrates with FusionHQ 


Step 1: Login to your "ClickBank" account.

Step 2: Go to "SETTINGS" and click "My Products".


Step 4: Click "ADD NEW PRODUCT".

Step 5: Select the "Product Type". Enter the name of your item (letter and numbers only). Fill in the URL of your sale

page (made in FusionHQ) in the "Pitch Page" and the auto url (

todo=cb_thankyou) in the "Thank You Page". "Mobile Pitch Page" & "Mobile Thank You Page" are optional.

Step 6: Choose the "Product Currency". The "Initial Price" is the first payment of your product. It could possibly be the

trial payment while the "Rebill Price" is the amount that your clients will be charged each month. This price cannot be

less than $5. You can't have 0 (zero) because a free trial can't be applied to ClickBank. If you do not have the trial for your

product, only make the "Initial Price" and the "Rebill Price" the same. Then setup the affiliate commission for both

"Initial Commission %" and "Rebill Commission %".

Step 7: Select the specific time from the drop-down menu that you would like to have as a "Trial Period". After this trial

period is finished, your clients will be charged the "Rebill Price" as above. Choose "Frequency" to rebill a payment.

"Duration" is used to specify the exact cycle (installments) you'll charge your clients. Choose "Unlimited" if your payment is


Step 8: Choose a "Language" of your product. Enter the "Product Title" and type in some details of your product inside

"Product Description". Then save these changes.

Step 9: Go to your "FusionHQ" account, then "Setup" and then "Products". Create a product. You can use any name. It's

for your reference in FusionHQ only.

Step 10: Set up the product details. And save settings.

Step 11: Choose your product and click "Add Payment Option".

Step 12: Name the payment option. It's for your reference in FusionHQ only. Then select the pre-made Clickbank payment

profile. Enter the "Item No". It should match the "Item" in ClickBank. Enable the "Alternate Payment To Paypal". It's

optional only. If you enable this option, make sure that you have enabled in your ClickBank account as well.

Step 13: The details below need to match the price settings in your ClickBank account.

- Select "Currency" and enable the "Subcription" for "Payment Plan".

- Fill in the "Subcription Amount". It should match the "Rebill Price" in ClickBank.

- "Billing Cycle" is the timeframe that the recurring will happen and it should match the "Frequency". If you enable

"Unlimited" in ClickBank, the payment cycle in FusionHQ should be "Continuous Billing". The number at "Stop after ....

of cycles" should match the "Duration" in ClickBank.

- If you enable the "Trial Period" in ClickBank, you need to enable the "Offer Trial" in FusionHQ as well.

- "Trial Cost" & "Trial Period" should match the "Initial Price" & "Trial Period" respectively.

Step 14: Enter the "Commission" percentage. The number should match the one in your ClickBank account as well.

Save changes and use this product and payment with the "Buy Now" button on your sale page.