How to Create A Simple Content Page 

(first time user)

For first time users, you might get confused where to start creating your website. We would suggest to start with the "Drag 

& Drop" menu in the "Content Sites" first since it's very easy.

Step 1: Go to "Sites" and "Content Sites". Enter the name of your site and click "Create New Site".

Step 2: Select the "Default Template" from the drop down menu. You can change the template later.

Step 3: Select the "Preset" of your website. You can add or remove the pages later.

Step 4: "Advanced Settings" is used if you have any code which will affect the entire website. This is the option for 

advance users only. If you don't know coding, we DON'T recommend to use it.

Step 5: "Hosting Details" is used to select your domain and root path to use with your website. Select the domain name 

from the "FusionHQ Hosting,Verified Hosting" drop down menu. If you don't buy the domain from us, please make sure 

that your domains are already verified.

Step 6: "Default membership level" is used if you want to reseve its access to some membership level only. Enable the 

"Public" option is your website is free for everyone to access. Select "Private" and choose the membership level if your 

website is restricted. Then click "Create".

Step 7: At the "Sitemap", you will find the ready-made pages. They are fixed pages which will show at the footer of your 

website. You can customize the content.

Step 8: On the top right corner, click "New Page".

Step 9: At the "Content Site Page Options", enter the name of your page.

Select the option to create your page. There are "Blank page", "Duplicate page" and "Redirect URL".

Select the color of your page. This is for your record only so you can recognize which category or group it is. It doesn't affect 

the interface of your page.

You can "Group" it so it will be easy for you to move the page and its group around all together.

Select its "Parent" page in order to make it the subpage in the menu bar. If it's not the subpage, you can select "Home 

(Top Menu)" so it will be on the top level of the menu bar. Next, save.

Step 10: Click on the pencil icon to edit the page.

Step 11: If you want to insert the text, drag the "Text Box" element to the content editor. 

Step 12: Double click or click the pencil to edit the text.

Step 13: Write down your text. If you already prepare the text, you can press "Ctrl+V" on your computer to paste the text. 

Click the check icon to leave the editor mode.

Step 14: To insert an image, drag the "Image" element to the content area. 

Step 15: Browse for your image and select it.

Step 16: You can move the location of the image manually or click on the third icon (when you hover over the image) to 

center the image.

Step 17: Drag the "Blank Space" element to add space between the text and the image.

Step 18: Once everything is finished, you can click save and close to leave the page.

Step 19: At the "Sitemap" again, click "Upload" to upload your website. 

Step 20: When the upload completes, the url of your website will display.