How to Create A Mailing List

(FusionHQ Mailer)

FusionHQ mailing system works on the double opt-in basis. Once your customers opt-in to your list, a notification

message will be sent to the inbox of your customers.  Even though they confirm or don't confirm your list, you can still send

out the autoresponder message to them.

However, the difference between confirming and unconfirming of emails is if they confirm we can guarantee that the

message will be surely sent to their inbox whereas the unconfirmed emails are not guaranteed.

You cannot use the mailing list directly on your optin page. The system will automatically create an optin form for this

mailing list in the "Optin Form" section. It has the same name with "form" suffix.

Here's how to create a mailing list:

Step 1: Go to Autoresponders and then "Mail Lists". Create a mailing list.

Step 2: Set up the Email List.

- Unique Name: it's the name in FusionHQ mailer system. You cannot use the same name with other mail lists

- Display name: it's the name for your reference. You can use the same name with other mail lists

- Send From Name: this name will appear in the confirmation message and as the name of the sender

- Send From Email: this email will appear as the email of the sender

- Reply Email: this email is used to receive any reply of the autoresponder message from the subscribers

- Default Firstname (Tag Replacement): it is used when the firstname of the subscribers is missing. The value here will

replace the {Firstname} tag in the message or in the Subject of the message.

Step 3: Set up the Mailer Settings

- Enable confirmation email: select "Yes" if you want the confirmation email to be sent each time the new subscribers are

added. Or select "No", if you do not want to send out the confirmation email.

- If you enable the "Yes" option, you can customize the confirmation message by yourself. You will not find this option if you

select "No".

- "Sending from" means to select the mail server which you want the autoresponder message to be sent from. If your

package includes FusionHQ mailer, you can enable the "FusionHQ Mailer System" option. If you don't, you can select the

"SMTP Server" option.

- If you select "SMTP Server" option, please make sure that you fill in the "SMTP Server", "SMTP Username". "SMTP

Password", "SMTP Port" and "Email Sending Speed" correctly. Otherwise the messages will not be sent out and your

subscribers will not receive anything. If you are not sure about its details, please check with your autoresponder provider.

Step 4: Set up the Signature: this details will appear at the bottom of each messge sent to the subscribers of this mail list.

Step 5: Once you save changes, a verification email will be sent to the email inserted at the "Send From Email". Please

check the inbox and click on the link.

Step 6: If you don't receive a verification email, simply click on the "Unverified" notification link to resend the message.

Step 7: Once you've confirmed your email, the warning note will automatically be removed. You may need to refresh the

page to remove the notification.

Step 8: As mentioned above, you cannot use the mailing list directly with the optin box, so at "Setup" and click on "Optin

Forms", the system has generated the optin form of the newly created mailing list with "form" suffix.

Step 9: You will see that the "List Name/ID" is the mailing list that you have just created.

Step 10: Then you can select this optin form with the "Optin Box" element of the "Drag & Drop Editor".