How to Set Up the DigiResults Profile 


Payment Option

DigiResults is a newly integrated payment gateway with FusionHQ. 

Step 1: Go to "Setup" and "3rd Party". Create a new payment profile.

Step 2: Select "DigiResults" from the dropdown menu. Enter your "DigiResults affiliate ID" (click Report in your DigiResults

to find the ID). And enter the "Direct Receipt secret code" (click Manage >> Account in your DigiResults account).

Step 3: Save changes and set up your product and payment option.

Step 4:
Click "Add Payment Option".

Step 5: Select the DigiResults payment profile which you have created.

Step 6: Enter the "Product ID" and "Variant ID" (you can get the ID in the url when you go to Manage > Listings > Listing:

Mambo > Product > Variant: Default).

Step 7: Set up the price. You can set up the "Buy Once" option and the "Subscription" option.

Once finished, save changes.