"Drag & Drop" Introduction

Let's see what we have in the Drag & Drop Editor so you can select the correct tools to add the contents to your page.

Menu 1. "Undo/Redo" -  is used when you want to "Undo" or "Redo" what you have done on a page.


Menu 2. "Display Grid" -  is used if you want to display the grid by ticking on the checkbox.

Menu 3. "Blank space" -  is used when you would like to leave any space between elements on a page. 

Menu 4. "Text box" - is used for typing in text or even creating link content.

To edit text, simply click on the pencil icon or double click to open the text box. The first icon on the far side allows you to 

drag the element anywhere on the page you like. Click on the third icon in case you want to center the element. And click 

on the red "X" icon to delete the element.

Menu 5. "Optin box" - is used to create the optin form on your page. There are a total of 4 steps which you need to 


Step 1: Choose the "Optin List" you would like to add your clients to and then choose the "Use Connection Link" to 

define the node link. There are Yes1, Yes2 and Yes3 respectively. If you are using the double optin namelist  (available 

for FusionHQ mailing service only), you will also need to choose the "Double optin link".

Step 2: Choose the template of your optin form.

Step 3: Choose the optin button. You are also able to upload your own button if you wish. However, the maximum size of 

the image is 2MB.  

Step 4: Edit the content in the optin template. Click "Apply" to save changes.

Menu 4. "Buy Now Button" - is used to allow your customers to purchase your products. 

You need to choose the product and its payment, and then fill in the quantity of the product for each purchase. You can 

activate the shopping cart feature by checking the "Add to cart instead of processing payment" tickbox. Activate the  

"Use connection link" by choosing the "Yes" node link. You have options to display the "Buy Now" button in the form of 

an image or text link. You can also upload your own "Buy Now" button image if you wish. Click "Apply" to save any 


Menu 5. "No Thanks Button" - is used to offer an option to your customers to refuse the purchase. 

Again, you can use text or image to display this, or upload your own image.

Menu 6. "Image" - is used to insert an image into your page. Simply drag the "Image" menu to the page and then it will 

show you where you can upload the image.

"Path" is used to see the path of your image. "Alt" is used to show an alternative text in case the image doesn't display 


Menu 7. "Download Link" - allows your clients to download any files from your website. You need to choose the product 

and the file name.  

Again, you can display your download link by using an image or text link. You can also upload any image of your choice. 

Save any changes by clicking "Apply"

Menu 8. "Page Element" - is made up of different modules inside. We have "Add-ons", "Bonus Box", "Shopping Cart 

Widget", "Guarantee Box", "Johnson Box" and "Testimonial Box". Click on each module to see its subsidiaries.

"Add-ons" contains "Affiliate Sign Up Form", "Disqus", "Facebook" and "Login Box"

Click "Bonus Box" to choose any templates you like.  

Click "Shopping Cart Widget" to see the widget in various interfaces.

Click "Guarantee Box" to see the guarantee seal in sevaral styles. Take your pick! 

"Johnson Box" is where you can put anything you like inside. It can make your page stand out more by inserting a quote, 

bullets or short message about your product.  

Use a "Testimonial Box" to give social proof and make your site more professional. Many people like to see feedback 

from existing customers.

Menu 9. All FusionHQ members can display their video or audio through our "Streaming Media" feature.

Choose "Uploading Video" if you would like to display your video or choose "Uploading Audio" to display audio. 

In the "Uploading Video" section, you can choose your own video skin. You can also use a "Fixed" dimension or 

customize your preferred size.

If you are a member of "Amazon S3", you will be able to choose the folder and file name in your S3 account directly from 

our "Streaming Media". Or if you have subscribed to our hosting service which also allows you to use the cloud file 

service of "Rackspace", you'll be able to upload the file directly from us - there's no need to use the URL. If you don't 

subscribe to our hosting or are not a member of "Amazon S3", you'll be able to insert the URL of you video link in the 

"URL" input box. For YouTube, use the URL from your browser.

You can check the "Auto Start" tickbox in case you want your video to automatically run when the page is accessed. Tick 

"Disable Control Bar" if you'd like to hide the menu bar at the buttom of the video screen. 

If you don't want to use the FusionHQ logos as your start image you can use your own image. Click, "Pre-start Image".

Inside the "Uploading Audio" function, you can only insert the URL of your audio file - which needs to be in mp3 or AAC 

format.  Tick the "Auto Start" box if you would like the file to automatically run when it is accessed.

Menu 10. "Insert Code" is an option for techie's or those who know what they're doing with code.

Use this feature whenever you would like to insert your own script code, html code or any kind of code on your page. 

Ensure that you use the correct code as not all types are supported.

Once you've finished inserting the element(s) on a page, you have more great options. Click once on an element and  

look to your left - here you'll see your options. Tick "Show to All" to allow everyone to see this element. Tick "Show Only 

to" and then choose from the drop-down menu which people only, can see this element. 

Click "Duplicate" to copy exactly, the element you've selected with a single click. You can also align each element to the 

left, right or centre of a page.

Type in a specific pixel number in the "W" & "H" to specify the exact width and height. Use the delay option to customize 

the time to be shown in your page. Or use the remove option to hide the element after the specified time has passed.