How to Use the Facebook Plug-in

Now you can add Facebook add-on to your site to communicate with your members. Please follow the instructions


Step 1: Go to the page which you want to use Facebook plug-in.

Step 2: Drag the "Page Element" to the content area.

Step 3: Choose "Add-ons".

Step 4: Choose "Facebook Comment".

Step 5: Click on the given link to get an App ID:

Step 6: Enter the "App Display Name" and the "App Namespace". Don't forget to tick "I agree to the Facebook Platform 


Step 7: Enter the captcha.

Step 8: Copy the App ID.

Step 9: Fill in all parameters. "App ID" from Facebook. "Number of posts" which you want to display on a page. Fix the 

width of the element by entering the number in the "Width" box. Then click "Apply" and then save your page.