Features Introduction

Central Control & Affiliate Mode



"Central Control" is used to control your own projects. It could be used to manage your websites, your site members as

well as your affiliate campaigns.  

"Affiliate Mode" is used to show the records and details of the affiliate campaigns you have joined. You can find more

available campaigns in FusionHQ Market Place.

Available Menus in CENTRAL CONTROL (Green Interface) 

1. "Report" shows you quick stats of how well your sales funnels and optin forms are converting. There are 2 parts of it:

Dashboard & Shipping.

Use "Sale Records" to find your most recent gross sales. You can click on "more" to see all records.


"Top Product" shows your most active products.

"Top 5 Affiliates" shows you your top-performing affiliates who gain the most commissions.  

"Shipping" allows you to send out an automatic email to your shipping company when a new transaction comes in.You 

can also download the raw file and send it to them manually.

2. "Projects" allows you to create a completed project. "Manage Components" is used to add or remove the component in 

the project. "EBB"  is to customize the details of your project. If it's your own project, you can "Export" the project to other 

members. If it's the project which you have imported from FusionBox, the export function will be disabled. "Delete" allows 

you to remove the project from your account.

"Team" is used to add members who can access your project so you can work together.

"Add FusionBox" allows you to import any works from other FusionHQ members. Some projects are free, some are not.

3. "Setup" is used to create things which are needed in your website. There are: 3rd Party, Optin Forms, Products, 

Coupons and Membership Levels.

"3rd Party"allows you to create profile for external providers ie. payment, autoresponder, data delivery and hosting. Make

sure you have entered the correct username & password for each of them.

"Optin Forms" lets you create the data form which you can use on your page. This data will be sent to Aweber, Get

Response, iContact or 1 Shopping Cart or FusionHQ.

"Products" is to set up products and payment options in FusionHQ. Easily create multiple payment options for one 

product. We've integrated with PayPal, 1 Shopping Cart, ClickBank, Authorize.net so you can offer various payment 

gateways to your customers.


"Coupons" is used to set a discount price for your customers.


"Membership Levels" is used to create multiple membership levels to control access to protected content sites. Make 

one access for multiple sites or multiple access to one site.

4. "Sites" allows you to build entire sites by using our drag and drop technology. No code needed.

"Sales Funnels" allows you to create drag and drop sales flows, build and manage upsell and downsell sales funnels,

even A/B split testing, with point and click ease. You can even choose a predesigned template or create your own.

"Content Sites" can be content, mini or membership sites. They can include timed delivery, scheduled release of content

and simple management for multiple membership levels.

"Bulk Sites" is used to create several websites which has similar content at once. The content on these sites can be

edited and uploaded at the same time. This is especially helpful for local model sites.

"Site Templates" provides you with a range of professionally designed templates free for you to use in any of your

FusionHQ sites. Professional users can also design and create the templates to suit any project. If it's the free template

from FusionHQ, you will not be able to delete it. If you wish to customize the free template, you can duplicate and the

system will create a new template for you so you can edit it.

5. "Affiliates Tracking" allows you to run your own affiliate program, fully integrated with all your FusionHQ sites and 

sales funnels without you doing a thing. Create campaigns, affiliate tools and even add your product to the Affiliate 

Marketplace to get more people promoting for you.

"Campaigns" is the place to create your own campaign. Here you need to add a description and fill in other details of 

your campaigns.

"Promo Tools" are the tools which you can use to promote your campaigns. Tools include standard links, HTML, 

banners, email, custom and funnel clone.

"Commission" is where you can set the default commission percentage of your affiliate campaigns.

"Affiliates" displays all affiliates for your campaign. It also shows the sales statistics and commission details.

"Masspay" is used to allow commission payments to all of your affiliates in one go. You can download these files and

upload to your Paypal account.

6. "Autoresponders" allows you to build lists and follow up on leads. Use your own server to mail from and avoid any

additional costs or use our mailing service and enjoy high deliverability - the choice is yours.

"Mail Lists" is where you can create a list and also store the email addresses and information of people who optin to 

your site.

"E-mail Broadcast" allows you to create messages to send out to your members.  You can only create one message at


"Autoresponders" allows you to create a series of messages that will be sent out according to the time delays you 


"Subscribers" gives the list of people who opted-in to your website. Their emails are kept in the list.

"Web Forms" is used when you would like to integrate your website that's been created outside of our platform with 


7. "Domain & Hosting" allows you to buy, edit and manange your domain. You can purchase direct from us, or if you've 

bought hosting elsehere you can still host your domains with us.

"Manage Domains" is where you can buy any preferred domain names from FusionHQ. You will be able to see, edit or 

delete all your existing domains.

"Email" is used to create email accounts you would like to use in your outgoing letters to your affiliates or site members. 

Make sure that you have ever uploaded your website with this domain at least once otherwise you will not be able to 

create any email account.

"cPanel" is available for Professional Plus members only. It is used for site configuration and management software 


"Media Management" is available for monthly and yearly members only. This option is not available for the lifetime

members. You can convert your video file to mp4 or flv formats and upload it directly from here.

Available Menus in AFFILIATE MODE (Orange Interface)

1. "Report" shows you how well you are working as an affiliate. It shows you which affiliate campaigns perform best and 

which ones give you the most commission.

"Sale Records" shows you the most recent gross sales from any campaigns you are promoting.

"Top Campaigns" shows you the most active campaign you are making money from.

"Top 5 Tools" gives you great tools you can use to promote your campaigns.

2. "Campaigns" is where you can join or exit any affiliate campaigns from the FusionHQ market place.

"Campaigns" shows you the list of the affiliate campaigns you are joining. It also shows you the records for the number 

of clicks, sales and commissions.

"Market Place" is where your campaign is listed. You can also join or exit any available campaigns in the market.

3. "Promo Tools" is where to get affiliate tools to promote the campaigns you are joining.

"All Tools" shows you the list of tools you can use to promote affiliate campaigns.