How to Create A Project (FusionHQ Newbies)

If you are new to FusionHQ and do not know where to start, we will highly recommend to start with the EBB (Easy Business

Builder) or Project. You only need to answer its questions or select "Yes" or "No" answer then it will lead you where to go

next. Note that this tutorial is the guideline only. The way to answer or select the options depends on your website plan or

on your marketing strategies.

The "EBB" is under "Project" section. Only enter any name you want and then click "Create Project" button.

While you are getting through each question, you can click the blue question mark to see its "Help" description.

If you skip any part or any information you fill in is not in the correct format, you will see the yellow warning sign.

You can leave the personal "Note for your reference" of each step in case you are working on this project with the other

team members.

There are 8 steps that you need to complete.

Step 1 is all about the settings of your project. You need to fill in the name, address and email that you want to use with this

project. You will also be asked to add the payment gateways, autoresponder services, CDN, hosting and domain. Only

select if you have it and want to use it or not. If you feel that you want to use it with this project, you can select "Yes" answer

and then it will ask you to create the profile.

Step 2 is to set up the details of the product that you want to use with this project. If you want to add a product to the project,

only select "Yes" answer and then it will show you the way to set up a product as well as what to be included in the product.

Also the shipping questions and the after-purchase setup. It's what you want to do with your customers after they purchase

your product.

Step 3 is to set up the mailist of this project. If you do not want to add any mailist, only select "No" answer to go to the next

level. Or if you want to have a mailing list to be used with this project, please select "Yes" option. Then the system will ask

you some more questions to guide you to finish the set up.

Step 4 is to select the content site or the membership site which will be added to the project. If you do not want to use or

add any membership level to the project, feel free to select "No" answer to go to the next step. If you want to add the

membership site to this project, choose "Yes" answer and then you will see the membership site options. Note that at this

step, you can set up the membership site only. You cannot add the page nor add the content of the page. You need to do it

separately at the "Sites" >> "Content Sites" tab.

Step 5 is to set up the sales funnels or the sale process of your website. If you do not intend to sell any thing, please

choose "No" option. If you want you create a sale funnel, please select "Yes" option. Then you can select the funnel

structure, select the domain and the subdirectory, set up Header & Footer and the template (theme) to be used with this


Step 6 allows you to add the affiliate campaign to the project. If you select to add the campaign, you can enter the short and

long description of your project, add the logo, set up the commission payment as well as the promo tools.

Step 7 is meant to set up the autoresponder sequence messages. If you want to add the autoresponder messages, you

can set it up from scratch. You can select the mailing list destination and enter the autoresponder message. Note that you

can add the message only if your mailing list is using FusionHQ mailer only. If you are using the 3rd party mailer, please

skip this option. Kindly select "No" answer to go to the final step.

Step 8 is the final check of your project. You can select the verified domain here and you can upload your website from this


Once everything is done, click "Exit EBB" button to leave the project.