The Difference between "Sales Funnels", "Content Sites", "Membership Sites"

and "Bulk Sites"

If you have no idea if you should arrange your website in the "Sale Funnels" or the "Content Sites" version, this tutorial will

explain the difference so you can make the right decision.

"Sales Funnels" is used to create the sales flow. It has no navigation menu on the pages so your members cannot explore

your website freely but they need to complete the steps to go further. For example, your customers need to fill in the name

and email in the optin box to get to the next page in order to download your product or get the log in details to access the

membership site. Apart from the optin box, you are allowed to have an exit pop-up, a pop-up page or even an OTO page.

Mostly the sales funnel is used to get the contact information of your customers if your product is free. However, most of the

time, you can also sell the products by using the Buy Now button on your page in the sales funnel.

"Content Sites" has the navigation menu on the pages so your customers can explore the site freely whenever they want.

The content in the "Content Sites" is not restricted. It could be general information of your products or the niche market.

"Membership Sites" is similar to the "Content Sites". However, the difference is it is limited to some members only.

Your members need to be assigned the membership level to get access. If they do not have the permission to log in,

they will not be able to view the content. Your site could be a free membership site or a paid one. Drip content/page is 

allowed for the membership site. You can create membership sites in Content Sites tab, you just need to have a login 

element on your page.

"Bulk Sites" is a special feature for the Local Business Modules.  You are allowed to clone multiple versions of a website

on multiple domains. For example, you can create a dentist website for multiple cities in your country and these

websites will look the same. Only some small changes ie. website name, contact details or slogan. This configuration can

be easily changed in one place. You don't have to edit each individual website and upload it.