How "Fixed_Pages" Works

"Fixed_Pages" are also called the footer pages which will be shown at the bottom of every page in the "Sales Funnels" or 

the "Content Sites".

When you are adding a new page in the "Sales Funnels", you can immediately create a new fixed page by clicking on the

 Fixed Page button. The newly created pages will be grouped in the "Fixed_Pages"Your pages need to use the 

slug url otherwise its link will not show up at the bottom of each page.

If you create a new group with a different name, the pages in the group will not be seen at the footer section of your page. 

This is just to help you manage the pages easily.

You can move the pages to other groups in the same "Sales Funnels" or "Content Site".

If you want to move all the pages at the same time, simply clcik and drag the group name to its new location anywhere in 

your page.

You can edit the page by clicking the pencil icon.

You can either activate or deactivate the page by clicking on the checkbox of each page.

To remove the group, you need to move all pages out of that group.