How To Give Away A Free Product 

After Your Customers Opt-in (full content)

Want to give a free product to your customers after they opt-in? Don't worry, you can set it up easily.

Let's see how. .

Step 1: Go to "Setup" and click on "Products". You can create a new product or edit the existing one.

Step 2: Set up the general details of your product ie. name reference code or category. No need to enable the shipping

option since it's the downloadable file.

Step 3: At the "Create Digital Download Link", select "Yes" and then you need to enter either the name of your files (no

spaces needed) with the correct extension (example: .pdf .avi .jpeg .mp3) or the url of your uploaded file in the box. Click

the "+" green icon if you have more than one file. In the download link validity section, set the number of days that you want

the file to be valid to download. Set to zero (0) if it is valid indefinitely.

Step 4: At the "Send Email to Customer" section, click on "Yes" and you will be able to create an email message which

will be sent to your customers when they get this product. At the Text option, you need to use the {DOWNLOAD} tag. The

download number in the tag will be replaced by the automatic link of the file that you insert at the Filename/URL.

{DOWNLOAD:1} is the file of Filename/URL 1. {DOWNLOAD:2} is the file of the Filename/URL 2 and so on. The system will

replace the link of these files automatically.

Step 5: If you want to get notified when this product is given, you need to enable the "Yes" option at the "Send me a

notification email". The notification email from FusionHQ system will be sent to your "Contact Email" in "Settings" of your

FusionHQ account.

Step 6: At the "Also process to following rule after purchase", select the options which you want to give to the customers

once they get your product. If you want to give a blank product (no any other options), you can leave this option and save

the product settings (skip to Step 13).

Step 7: The "Also giveaway product" is for any bonus products which you want to give to your customers at a time with

only one purchase. Click "Choose Products" to enable the popup. Select the products list. But if you don't want to give

any other products, you can leave it blank. No need to give the exact same product that you are creating now.

Step 8: The "Add to list" is used when you want to add your customers to any optin list or mailing list when they buy or get

this product. Click "Choose Mail list" and then select the list from the popup. You can add them to several lists at a time. If

you don't want to add to any list, please leave it blank.

Step 9: "Add a customer to membership level" allows you to give the membership level when your customers purchase

or get this product. Click "Choose Membership" and select the membership levels from the list. If no membership level

belongs to this product, no need to enable it.

Step 10: If you select to add the membership levels to this product, you are also able to allow your customers to select their

own log in email. Simply enable "Yes" option. If you would like them to use the payment's email, select "No".

Step 11: "Make a customer an affiliate of your campaign" can be used if you want to make your customers the affiliate

person of your campaign immediately after they purchase your product. Don't forget to add this product to the affiliate

campaign as well so our system can track the sale record correctly.

Step 12: After that, click "Save" button to save the settings. Never add any payment option for free product.

Step 13: Go to "Setup" and click on "Optin Forms".

Step 14: You can create a new optin form or your can edit an existing form.

Step 15: The most important thing is you need to add the newly created product to this optin form. For the rest options, if

you have already set this up in the product, so no need to enable any of them. Then save the settings.

Step 16: After that, go to "Sites" and click "Sales Funnels".

Step 17: You can create a new funnel or edit the existing one.

Step 18: Once you're in the funnel map, go to your opt in page or the page that you want the customers to optin by clicking

the pencil icon.

Step 19: Drag the "Optin Box" element from the Drag & Drop menu onto your page.

Step 20: Select the opt in form that you have just added the downloadble product from the dropdown menu. Select the "Use

connection" and/or the "Double optin link" link depending on the setting of your optin form. Next, choose "Template",

"Button" & "Add field". After that apply settings.

Step 21: Then go to the Funnel map and link the "Yes 1" & "Yes 2"  according to the "Use Connection" & the "Double 

optin link" that you have selected to the "Thank You" page.

Step 22: Upload your funnel and click its "Real Site URL" to go to the live site.

Step 23: On the live site, you will see the yellow bar warning you to upload the pdf file. Click "Click here to upload" link.

Step 24: Click "Choose file" and browse it from your computer.

Step 25: Once the file is selected, click "Upload".

Step 26: Once the file is successfully uploaded, you need to go to the live site again.

Step 27: The warning is now disappeared.

Step 28: When your customers optin, they will get an email from your product in which there are links to download your