How to Setup An Optin Form With FusionHQ

For Your Gotomeeting Webinar

Your customers have the option to optin to your sales page and register for your webinar. Please follow the instructions 


Step 1: Go to the Setup section and then to "Optin Forms".

Step 2: Enter the name of your new optin form.

Step 3: Choose "GoToWebinar" as the autoresponder from the drop-down menu. Enter the list Name/ID of your webinar at

the "Register URL". This is the list of numbers at the end of the register URL, when you send an invitation out to a webinar. 

For example, the list ID in FusionHQ for Gotomeeting is 696906809. You can find the correct number on the browser when

you are at the "My Webinars" section in your Gotowebinar/Gotomeeting account. Click to see the example here.

Step 4: Select "Collect field". Then enable the fields that you want to collect data for. Email information is obliged for our

optin system.

Step 5: Enable any product which you want to give to your customers when they optin to your list. Choose "Also add to list

if you want to add your customers to multiple optin / mailing lists.

Step 6: Choose the membership where you want to add your customers to at "Add customer to membership level". Also 

select the campaign in which you want your customers to be affiliated with in "Add customer as an affiliate of the 

campaign". Save these settings.