The Grid and How Best to Use It

Gridlines allow you to position elements more precisely. Only you can see the red gridlines - they won't show up on your 

site. This tutorial shows you how to use the gridline correctly.

Step 1: Each time you open a page, you'll see the grid at the top and the left side of the content editor.

Step 2: To hide the grid, tick off the "Display Grid".

Step 3: Click once and drag the gridline wherever you want on your page. Do this for both the vertical and horizontal grid. 

You can have multiple gridlines on your page at once.

Step 4: To remove a gridline, click on it and then drag it back to where you got it from.

Step 5: When you add an element to the content editor, it will align or snap to the nearest vertical gridline.

Step 6: The new element will not align or snap to the nearest horizontal line, but the upper element.

Step 7: You can move the grid to the left or the right side. It will show the size of the element.