How to Import A Project

At this moment, you can have a project which is exported by other FusionHQ member accounts. Make sure that you already 

get the FusionBox key or url from the exporter. Once the project is imported to your account, you can customize and use it 

the way you want.

Please follow the steps below to import the project to your FusionHQ account.

Step 1: Go to "Project" section.

Step 2: Enter the FusionBox key which you received from the exporter in the "Import" box.

Step 3: Choose a domain. You can "Choose free sub-domain", "My own domain" or "Buy new domain". Then click "Next 


Step 4: Fill in or confirm your information and then click "Next Step".

Step 5: Choose a Paypal option… either "My profile" or "New PayPal profile". 

Step 6: Click "Install" to install and upload your project.

Step 7: Your project is now uploaded successfully.