How to Install the phpBB Forum Plug-in

This plug-in is available for phpBB software only. Please make sure that you have downloaded and installed the software

to your domain already and set up the file configuration correctly.

For more information, please click here:

Next, kindly download the plug-in from this link:

You can install the plug-in through the cPanel (or FTP tool). If you host your domain with FusionHQ hosting, you can access

the cPanel directly from your account:

Then, follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: At cPanel, click "File Manager".

Step 2: At the "Directory Selection" pop-up, enable "Document Root for:" option and then select the domain that you want

to have the forum. Then "Go".

Step 3: Go to the folder that you have installed (or upload) the phpBB software (forum software). Select "Includes" folder

and the "auth" folder respectively.

Step 4: Click "Upload" icon.

Step 5: Browse for the location where you have saved the FusionHQ plug-in in your computer. The plug in name is


Step 6: Plug-in is now installed to your domain.

Step 7: Go to the url of your forum with /index.php suffix (ie. And log in with

your admin log in details.

Step 8: Next, click "Administration Control Panel".

Step 9: If you see the warning message asking to remove the install directory, simply go to the cPanel again.

Step 10: And go to the folder in cPanel where you have installed the phpBB software. Then remove the "install" directory.

Right click and select "Delete".

Step 11: Back to your forum and refresh the page to remove the warning message.

Step 12: At the left side panel. select "General" and "Authentication".


Step 13: At the "Select an authentication method", select "Fusionhq" from the dropdown menu. After that, enter the log in

email of your FusionHQ account and at the FusionHQ API key, enter your API (found in your FusionHQ account on the top

right corner at Settings). Then submit and go back to the page.

Step 14: Now, choose a membership site which you want to link to this forum and submit changes.

Note that your customers can use the same username and password being used to access your membership site for

logging in to the forum. The first time, you set up the forum, the group will not be created until one member of each

individual membership level have accessed to the forum. The plug in will automatically create a group in your forum

according to membership level created in your FusionHQ account.

The default membership group in your forum is "FHQ_GlobalMemberList". Those who log in to the forum will be added to

this group and then they will also be added to the same group of their membership level in your FusionHQ account.

We suggest you should manage permission for each group since all members of your membership sites will be able to

log in to the forum.