How to Join Other Affiliate Campaigns

(Market Place)

FusionHQ provides you a market place where you can promote your affiliate campaigns to other FusionHQ members and

recruit them as your affiliates. You can also join other campaigns and promote them to get the commission. All campaigns

are in the Affiliate Mode (orange interface). Currently, there are 12 affiliate campaigns inside FusionHQ marketplace.

Please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Click "Affiliate Mode" (orange interface).


Step 2: Go to "Campaigns" and click "Market Place" to see the campaigns listed in the market place.


Step 3: Click "Add" button beside any campaigns you would like to join.


Step 4: After reading the description and "Terms & Conditions", click "I agree to the terms and conditions" check-box .

Then, click "Add" button.


Step 5: Now you can find your own tools to promote this campaign.