Knowing The Membership Sites

Membership site is the site that has the restricted area for members only. Members need to fill in their username &

password to get accessed and see the content.

The membership site can be created under "Sites" >> "Content Sites" tab.

The first time, you create the membership site, you need to go through the site wizard which allows you to select the

template (theme), site preset, hosting details and the membership level. You can change these settings later.

This is what we call "Sitemap".

There are 2 view types of the sitemap: Map view & Table view.

This is "Map" view.

This is "Table" view.

The default pages are: Home, Contact, Earnings Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Purchase Agreement and Terms & Conditions

The page "Contact", "Earnings Disclaimer", "Privacy Policy", "Purchase Agreement" and "Terms & Conditions" are

"FIXED_PAGES" which means these pages will be shown at the bottom of all pages in the website.

Each membership site allows you to set up the "Time release", "Membership" & "Force Show Menu".

For the "Map" view, they are "Protect", "Time" & "Advanced" respectively on the top right.

"Map" view allows you to have 13 sub-pages only whereas "Table" view allows you to have unlimited sub-pages. For

"Map" view, once you have sub-pages and want to link them to the parent page, you only need to click the blue tab (we call

it "node") of the parent tab.

A blue line will be automatically activated. No need to hold the click.

Then just click on any page that you want to link.

You can do the same with other sub-pages. Just use the different node.

If you want to disconnect the page, only click the node on the parent page.

For "Table" view, you can change the parent page by click "Change Parent".

Select the new parent page and apply.

You can also click the green cross symbol and move the page up or down to rank the new order manually.

To limit access of the page to the membership levels, you only need to drag the membership level to the pages. You can 

do this with both "Map" view & "Table" view. You can give the access to a single level or multiple levels on each page.

If you want to remove the membership level out from the page, only click the red button within the membership level to

remove it.

If you want to schedule the delay option or the date to release the page, you need to do that at the Time release. There are

2 kinds of the Time release: by Delay & by Release.

By "Delay" means, you set up the timeframe that the page will be delayed. The delay option will be counted by the day that

your customers have the membership level associated to this membership site. For example, a page has been assigned

to the membership level A and set up the delay option to 2 days. The customers will see this page on the 2nd day that they

have the membership level A. The delay option doesn't start from the first day that the customers log in but they are 

added to the membership level.

By "Release" means, you select the specific date to release the page from the pop up calendar. So it doesn't matter when 

the customers are added to the membership level, everyone of them will be seeing the page on the same day. If a new 

member is added to the list after the released date, the new member will see the page immediately.

"Force Show Menu" means you would like to show the name of the page at the menu bar. Normally once you restrict the

page to the membership level, non-members will not see the page name on the menu bar unless they become members

and log in. But this function allows you to show the page name on the menu bar. And if they are members and log in, they

will see the content. If they are not yet the members, they will see the "no permission" warning.

The membership site with "Force Show Menu" disabled.

The membership site with "Force Show Menu" enabled.

"Enable" is to show the page to public. If the page is not yet ready and you do not want anybody to see it, only untick the

page. And it will be hidden. Nobody can see the page on the live site. If they bookmark the url, they will be redirected to the

start page of the membership site.

"Group Name" is to keep the pages into the same group. It's easy for you to manage the pages in the map.

Click the chain icon to get the real url of the page.

Click the spyglass icon to see the page in preview mode.

Click the pencil icon to edit the content of the page.

Click the red cross icon to remove the page. Note that once the page is removed, you cannot retrieve it.