Using The Magic Link

The "Magic Link" allows you to switch the URL in the content of your broadcast message automatically after a specific

time. You can find this option in either "Broadcast" or "Autoresponders" section.

Here's how to use it...

Step 1: Go to message that you would like to use the "Magic Link" option. It's at the lower part option on the right side.

Click "Insert" button.

Step 2: Set the validation of your link by "Date" or "Time".

Date: click at the box to activate the pop-up calendar. Then select the date which you want to switch the link. The link will be

valid until 23.59 hrs (New York Timezone) of the mentioned date. At 00.00 hrs of the next date, the link will be automatically


Time: you need to input the specific number and then select the period option from the dropdown menu. The time will be

starting from the moment that the message is sent from the server. That means the moment that the link expires of each

person will be different but all of them will definitely have the same amount of time to see the link before it expires.

Step 3: Enter the link of "Before expire link to" & "After expire link to". When finish, click "Done".

Before expire link to: it's the first valid link that you would like the subscribers to see during the time you offer.

After expire link to: it's the last valid link that the subscribers will see after the time you offer is over.

Step 4: Then click the green button to insert the link into the message content. Once finish, select the save option.