How to Use the Custom Fields of 

Mailchimp's Autoresponder 

With the FusionHQ Optin List

Do you use Mailchimp's autoresponder? If so FusionHQ allows you to insert custom optin fields from your Mailchimp 

account to FusionHQ. This tutorial will show you how to synchronize data across providers...

Step 1: Go to "Setup" and then click "3rd Party".

Step 2: Create a profile in the "Autoresponder" section.

Step 3: Choose "Mailchimp" as the provider, type in the API Key and then save. You can find the above in your Mailchimp 

account: Account >> API Keys & Authorized Apps.

Step 4: Go to "Setup" and "Optin Forms". Create a new form or choose to edit a current list.

Step 5: Name your "Optin Form" and then choose your newly created autoresponder profile as the "Autoresponder". 

Choose the "List Name/ID". Leave the "No confirmation e-mail" blank so that the double optin notification email will be 

sent to those on your double opt-in list.

Step 6. Select "Collect fields". At "Custom field", you need to use @Stick this tag in your content [default value]. You can 

find the above fields in your Mailchimp account: Lists >> Settings >> List Fields And *[MERGE]*Tags.

Step 7: If the additional "Stick this tag in your content" in your Mailchimp account is "NICKNAME" where you type in 

letters, you will have to use @NICKNAME[abcd]. You need to use capital letters. What you type inside the square brackets 

will be shown in your Mailchimp account if your clients don't enter anything in. Your clients can change it later. If you are 

using the radio buttons or the drop-down in the Mailchimp list, you will also need to choose one result as the "default 

value" ie. @GENDER[male].

Step 8: Then select "Giveaway product", "Also add to list", "Add customer to membership level" and "Add customer as 

an affiliate of the campaign" options.

Step 9: Go to your optin page and drag the "Optin box" from the Drag and Drop menu onto your page.

Step 10: Set up which options you want by choosing the "Opt-in", "Use connection", "Template" and "Button".

Step 11: Customize the text in your optin form.

Step 12: Once everything is finished, save and upload your website.

Step 13: If your customers optin to this form, they will receive a double optin notification email from Mailchimp.

Step 14: If they click "Yes, subscribe me to this list", they will be then see "Subscription Confirmed". Here your 

subscribers can "manage your preferences".

Step 15: If they click here, they will be sent to a page where they can customize their own document. The radio buttons 

and the drop-down buttons are shown on this page.