How to Select A Media File From

FusionHQ CDN

The best way to share large files is with our dedicated Media Management Server (CDN). This feature is only available for

our monthly subscribers. If you are a lifetime member, you can avail this at a low cost.

Please follow these instructions...

Step 1: Go to the "Domain & Hosting" tab and click "Media Management".

Step 2: Select the "Output Format". You can select "Original" option if you are sure that the file format is correctly encoded.

Alternatively, you can select "MP4" option if you want to encode your file with our software. You can be sure that your file will

properly display with our Streaming Media Tool and it's also compatible with iPad & iPhone. This option is strongly

recommended. Select "FLV" option if you want to display your media file fast but iPad & iPhone are not supportive.

Step 3: Click "Select Files" and browse the file from your computer.

Step 4: Wait until the file is uploaded successfully.

Step 5: After refreshing your browser to see the updated list, you will notice that your newly uploaded video still has a

"Waiting for encode" status. Just wait a while for it to encode. For bigger files, it usually takes some time.

Step 6: Once finish, you can see the url of this media file. This is the direct link of this file.

Step 7: Next, go to the page where you would like to display your video.

Step 8: Drag the "Streaming Media" element from the Drag and Drop area onto your page.

Step 9: In the "Stream Media Options" section, choose "Uploading Video" if it's this is a video. Otherwise, click on

"Uploading Audio". Click on "CDN" as your stream provider. Choose your newly uploaded video file from the drop down

element. If you want your video to start immediately without user interaction then activate "Auto Start". You can also disable

the control bar of your video if you want.

Step 10: In "Display Options", for the size of you video, you can choose either "Fix" or "Custom". If you choose "Fix", just

select the size from the dropdown element and if you choose "Custom", enter the specific size of width (W) and height (H).

You can also have a "Pre-start Image" and "Skin Template" for your video by clicking the "Browse" button and then select

your image. These are optional.


Then click "Apply" to finish. And once everything is ready, you can save and upload your website.