Where To Put The Meta Description

And The Meta Keyword

Meta description is very important for internet marketing. It helps the search engine to find your website which can bring the

leads and better search engine ranks. The meta description will appear below the blue link in Google search.

Meta keywords also run the important role to make your website searchable, especially by Google. The keywords you

inserted will be read by the search engine but they are shown as part of the design of the webpage.

FusionHQ has provided the area where you can insert the plain text or the plain word which the system will automatically

convert these input into the code so that it can be found by the seach engine. Each word should be separated by comma.

You cannot insert the meta description or the meta keyword for the entire website but each page only. No need to use any

HTML code but plain words.

On each page, on the top right, you can find "Options".

You can insert the description of your website at "Meta description".


And you can insert the keywords of your website at "Meta keyword".

Note that: 

- The "Meta description" & "Meta keywords" are available for both "Sale Funnel" & "Content Site".

- For sale funnel, if you enable both Split A & Split B, you need to insert the description & keyword on both pages.

- For membership site, if your pages are restricted for members only, search engine cannot crawl into your website since it

needs authentication to access the site.