How to Set Up One Time Payment

With ClickBank

Want to allow the payment through ClickBank? Don't worry. Please follow the instructions here:

Step 1: Log in to your ClickBank account and go to "Settings" and then "My Products".


Step 2: Click "Add New Product".


Step 3: Set up the product details. * is the "Required" fields.

- Select the "Product Type" Enter the name of your item (letter and numbers only). Fill in the URL of your sale page (made

in FusionHQ) in the "Pitch Page" and the url of the thank you page in the "Thank You Page". "Mobile Pitch Page" &

"Mobile Thank You Page" are optional.

- Select "Product Currency" and set up "Product Price" and the "Commission" percentage.

- Select "Language" of the check out page. Insert the "Product Title" and "Product Image". Then save settings.


Step 4: Go to FusionHQ and continue to "Setup" and "Products".


Step 5: Create a product. You can use any name. It's for your reference in FusionHQ only.


Step 6: Set up the product details. And save settings.


Step 7: Then add the payment options.


Step 8: Name the payment option. It's for your reference in FusionHQ only. Then select the pre-made Clickbank payment


- Enter the "Item No". It should match the "Item" in ClickBank. Enable the "Alternate Payment To Paypal". It's optional

only. If you enable this option, make sure that you have enabled in your ClickBank account as well.

- Select "Currency" and tick "Buy Once" for "Payment Plan". Then enter the "Price" of your product. Make sure that this is

the same price in your ClickBank account.

- Enter the "Commission" percentage. The number should match the number in your ClickBank account as well.


Save changes and use this product and payment with the "Buy Now" button on your sale page.