How to Create An Optin Page In the Content Sites

You are now allowed to have an optin page in the conten site to get the details of the visitors. Please make sure that you 

have created the optin list/form already.

Here's how:

Step 1: Go to "Sites" and click "Content Sites"Enter a new content site name and click "Start New Site" if you want to 

create a new content site. 

Step 2: Next, you can just click the "Edit" button or the name of the "Content Sites" that you want to create the optin page 


Step 3: Once you're in the sitemap, go to the page that you want to insert the optin box by clicking on the pencil icon.

Step 4: Drag the "Optin Box" element from the "Drag & Drop" module into your page. 

Step 5: Choose your "Opt-in" list from the dropdown element. In the "Next page", select the page that you want your 

customers to be redirected to after they have opted in. If you select the optin form of the external mailing provider (ie. 

Aweber, Getrespose or Mailchimp), you will find the "Next page" option only.

Step 6: If you select the optin form of FusionHQ mailer, you will find the "Double optin link to" option as well. This option 

will be linked/connected to the page that your customers will be redirected to after they have confirmed your list. It could be 

the same page with the "Next page" if you want.

Step 7: Now select your "Template" from the dropdown box or just click "Browse". The preset will show on the right side. 

Select any template of your choice.

Step 8: Next, select the button that you are going to use for this optin form by clicking the "Browse" button. You have an 

option to upload your own optin image.

Step 9: And for the "Add Field" part, just tick the box of the field that you want to have in your optin form. You cannot skip the 

"required field". To add/remove the fields, you need to do it in the "Optin Forms" section. You can move and rank the field 

in new order.

Step 10: After you have chosen everything, you can also edit the optin form in the editing area. You can change the fonts, 

colors etc. Click "HTML" if you want to customize coding.

Step 11: Click "Apply" after everything's set and you can save your page now.