How to Create the Subscription 

Payment Option (Paypal)

Want to make a recurring payment option for your product? Don't worry. Paypal allows you to make the subscription 

payment and it's very easy. Make sure that you have set up the payment profile and the product correctly. Click here to see

Buy Now button.

Then, here it is.

Step 1: Go to the product which you want to add the payment option. Click the "Edit" button or its name to get access.

Step 2: Click "Add Payment Option" button.

Step 3: Type in the name of your payment option and then choose Paypal in "Profile". This is the profile you've set up in the 

"3rd Party" section. If you haven't set it up yet, we suggested to go ahead and set it up before continuing with this tutorial.

Step 4: Choose the "Currency" from the menu. These are the currencies used in Paypal system. Enable the 

"Subscription" option. Add the price of each billing in the "Subscription Amount".  Choose the number of months you 

would like to bill your customer for at "Billing Cycle". This number represents the billing cycle they will be charged each 

time. Click "Continuous Billing" if the payment is on-going. Or choose a number to type into "Stop after.... of cycles" if the 

payment has an exact billing period.

Step 5: Enable the "Offer Trial" if you would like to offer a trial for your product. Enter the cost in the "Trial Cost". Enter 0 

(zero) if it's a free trial. Next, type in the total number of days for your "Trial Period". This can't be left blank!

Step 6: Enter the days of your "Money Back Guarantee".  This function is for FusionHQ system to calculate and release 

the affiliatte commission of this payment option after the specific time. Enable or disable the "Test Mode"


Step 7: And this is the payment option of this product. One product can have more than one payment options.