How to Use the Pop-up Page

Want to have a pop-up page but you don't know the code structure? Don't worry. FusionHQ allows you to create the pop-up

page with no code needed.

Step 1: Go to the funnel/content site where you want to activate the pop-up.

Step 2: At the funnelmap / sitemap, click "Options" on the top right of the map.

Step 3: At the "Pop-up Settings", tick "Enable default popup script for all pages".

Step 4: Make settings of the pop-up page with the details below. Then save.

Type: Select on when you want to show this pop up page. Upon entering or exiting the page.

Pop-up Content: set up the pop-up page

Funnel: select the ready-made funnel page from the dropdown menu. The start page of the funnel will be used.

URL: input the url of the specific page. It could be an external url

Occurrence: schedule the display of the pop-up

Always show: display pop-up page each time the page is visited

Show up to...Time(s): specify the number to display the pop-up page for the same visitor

Delay for: set up the specific time to display the pop up page

Theme: choose the theme of the pop-up page. Currently there are 6 themes

Width: enter the width of your page

Height: enter the height of your page

Opacity: set up the transparency of the background. Higher value causes darker background


Step 5: Go to the page where you want to activate the pop-up by clicking the pencil icon.

Step 6: Click "Options" on the top right of the page.

Step 7: Choose the pop-up options at the "Pop-up Settings".

Don't display popup on this page: disable pop-up function only for this page

Inherit from default settings: use the pop-up settings from the funnel map

Use custom settings: set up a new pop-up page and use with this page only. It has the same setting options with the

funnel map

Once the settings are set, please save and upload your website again.