How to Create the Autoresponder Sequence Message in FusionHQ

You can create the sequence if you have FusionHQ mailer only. Also the message can be sent to people in FusionHQ

mailing list only.

Step 1: Go to "Autoresponders" tab and click "Autoresponders" to create your sequences. Enter the name of your

sequence in the box and click "Create Sequence".

Step 2: Choose the mailing list you would like to send your messages to (optin list is not applicable). Leave the "Start

sending" check-box blank. If you tick it, your messages will be sent immediately. After you've finished creating your

sequence you can come back and tick it. Click "Save".

Step 3: Go to the newly created sequence and click "Edit Messages".

Step 4: Enter the name of your message in the box and click "Create Message".

Step 5: Enter the subject of your message.  You are able to insert the firstname of the recipients automatically by clicking

the "Insert {FIRSTNAME}" button. Choose to send your message in either "Plain Text" or "HTML".

Step 6: Next, type your messages. Available tags are: {FIRSTNAME}, {AFFILIATE_USERNAME}, {AFFILIATE_PASSWORD},


Step 7: You can also insert the "Affiliate Tool Links" in the content. Make sure that you have prepared the promo tool link

already. The system will replace the value of these tags automatically.

Step 8: "Magic Link" allows you to swap the URL in the content of your emails after a specific time in case you want to

promote something.

Step 9: Select your "Sending Option". There are: Draft, Send immediately & Delay sending for. "Draft" allows you to save

the message only. It will not be sent out. "Send immediately" is to send out the message immediately once your

customers are added to the mailing list whereas "Delay sending for" is to send on the indicated day after your members

are added to the mailing list.

Step 10: Go back to the sequence list and click "Edit" button.

Step 11: Tick the "Start sending" checkbox and save to start sending out your autoresponder sequence message.