How to Set Up Your Account

You can set up the preference of your FusionHQ account at "Settings" seen on the top right corner of FusionHQ page.

Expand the "Package" section to see your package details. Here you can see what package you have and the additional 

hosting and CDN. You can also see how many subscribers you can only have as well as the disk usage. You can cancel 

your subscription with FusionHQ by clicking the "Un-Subscribe" button. To add credits to your account, just click the "Add

Credits" button. This credit is usually used to buy a domain from us. 

Expand the "Profile" section to see your personal details. You can change the password, the e-mail or even the address in 

this section. This information will be shown as the signature when you broadcast the message. You need to fill in the

physical address correctly if you want to buy the domain. Please fill in the address details in English only. PayPal Email

is used to received the commission payment from any affiliate campaign you have joined. This also refers to the

commission from FusionHQ.

Expand the "FusionHQ Settings" section to either enable or disable the effects in your account. You can also enable the 

eWay if you want to use it.