How to Set Up Your DigiResults Account

Set up your DigiResults account correctly so it works well with FusionHQ.

Step 1: Log in to your "DigiResults" account.

Step 2: Go to "Manage" and then "Listing". Click on the listing name.

Step 3: At the "Product" section, click "Edit Product".

Step 4: Edit the "Direct receipts".

Step 5: Enter the URL below in the "Direct Receipt URL" and select the "Clickbank Instant Notification (v1)" from the

dropdown menu of "Direct Receipt Format".

Step 6: After you update the settings, you will be at the "Product details" page again. Next, click "Default".

Step 7: Edit the "Variant details".

Step 8: Enter the url below in the "Thank you page".

Step 9: Next, go to "Manage > Listings and listing name". Click "Start Selling".

Save changes and go to your FusionHQ account to set up the payment profile.