How to Setup a Product

This tutorial is very much recommended for new users. You need to set up your product correctly before you can apply it 

with other features in FusionHQ.

Here's how:

Step 1: Go to "Setup" and click on "Products". Enter the name and click on "Create New Product".

Step 2: If you want to rename the product, enter the new name in "Product Name". You have an option to write down the 

short descripton or put any code of the product. This is for your reference only. You can leave it blank if you wish. Choose 

the most suitable "Category" from the dropdown element.

Step 3: In the "During your customer's buying process" section, click "Yes" if the shipping address is required. Else, 

click on "No"

Step 4: If you agree to require the shipping address, then you will be able to choose to "Send shipping information to 

Shipping Company". Click "Yes" if you wish. Else click "No".  If you click "Yes", you need to enter the e-mail address 

where you want the shipping document to be sent to in "Shipping Company Email". Fill in any number in "Send shipping 

info every" to specify the exact timing to send out the shipping document. 

Step 5: In the "Create Digital Download Link", if you have any downloadable products that you want to give to your 

customers, please click "Yes". If you don't have, click "No"

Step 6: For "Yes" option, you need to enter either the name of your files (no spaces needed) with the correct extension 

(example: .pdf .avi .jpeg .mp3) or the url of your uploaded file in the box. You can add more than 100 hundred files in a 

product. Click the "+" green icon to add more input boxes. In the download link validity section, set the number of days of 

your download link validity. Set to zero (0) if it is valid indefinitely.

Step 7: In the "Send Email to Customer" section, click on "Yes" if you would like to send an e-mail to your customer, else 

click on "No". You can insert the parameter tags in the e-mail content. In the "Send me a Notification Email" section, click 

"Yes" if you would like to receive a notification e-mail after your product is purchased. The email will be sent to the

"Contact Email" (found at Settings on the top right of the page). Click "No" to disable this function. If you want to give the

log in details to your customers, you can use the tag {LOGINDETAILS} in the content of the email. If you want your

customers to download your media files instantly after they have purchased, you can use the tag {DOWNLOAD:x}. Replace

the "x" with the number of the file in the "Filename/URL 1" option.

Step 8: At the "Also process to following rule after purchase", select the options which you want to give to the customers

once they get your product.

Step 9: The "Also giveaway product" is for any bonus products which you want to give to your customers at a time with

only one purchase. Click "Choose Products" to enable the popup. Select the products list. But if you don't want to give any

other products, you can leave it blank.

Step 10: The "Add to list" is used when you want to add your customers to any optin list or mailing list when they buy or get

this product. Click "Choose Mail list" and then select the list from the popup. You can add them to several lists at a time. If

you don't want to add to any list, please leave it blank.

Step 11: "Add a customer to membership level" allows you to give the membership level when your customers purchase

or get this product. Click "Choose Membership" and select the membership levels from the list. If no membership levels

belong to this product, no need to enable it.

Step 12: If you select to add the membership levels to this product, you are also able to allow your customers to select

their own log in email. Simply enable "Yes" option. If you would like them to use the payment's email, select "No".

Step 13: "Make a customer an affiliate of your campaign" can be used if you want to make your customers the affiliate

person of your campaign immediately after they purchase your product. Don't forget to add this product to the affiliate

campaign as well so our system can track the sale record correctly.

After that, click "Save" button to save the settings. If your product is free, no need to create the payment option. If it's a

paid product, you need to set up the payment options.

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