How to Get the Postal Address

FusionHQ allows you to send the postal address of your customers automatically to the shipping company. Note that we

have integrated the shipping system with Paypal only so the postal address will be definitely the same with the Paypal


Here's how:

Step 1: Select the product which you want to get the postal address of your customers.

Step 2: Click "Edit Product".

Step 3: At "During your customer's buying process" section, enable the "Shipping address required?". Click "Yes".

Step 4: At "Send shipping information to Shipping Company", click "Yes" to enable the options.

Step 5: Enter the email adress of the shipping company. Please make sure that you input the name correctly. Also set up

the frequency to send the address to the shipping company.

Step 6: Set up the rest options for this product and save.

Step 7: You can use this product in the "Buy Now" button.

Step 8: You can also find its transaction at "Reports" and then "Shipping".

Step 9: If you wish to download its file, only click the "Download CSV" button.