How to Use the Split Testing Function

The abilitly to split test one page against another allows you to find out which page converts the best. You can only use 

this feature inside your sales funnels - it's not available inside your content / membership sites. (not available in the 

membership site). To activate this feature, simply click "Split Test A" or "Split Test B" on each page.  The stats / 

numbers for each page will show up in real time, so you can see at a glance which page is performing optimally. 

We recommend both page A and page B are the same, apart from the one key element you are testing. This could be a 

headline, a price or a guarantee. If you change more than one element you won't know which element has caused an 

increase or decrease in conversions. FusionHQ randomly assigns either Page A or Page B to those visiting your site. If 

someone sees Page A, then they'll see this page forever - unless they clear their browser cache. If you deactivate this 

page, they will then see Page B. 

The stats on the "Start page" will show you the total number of page views.

The stats on the next page (the From A: & From B: number) will show you the best split testing page / node.

For example... 

From Page A: 75% = From 100 people who visited Page A, 75 people opened this page. 

And from Page B: 100% = From 100 people who visited Page B, 100 people opened this page.