How to Add the Image to the Template

This tutorial shows that you can add the images to the tempate and it will be shown on all pages of your website that use

this template as part of the template. If you use the free template, please make sure that you have duplicated the template

and edit its copy version.

Then, here's how:

Step 1: Go to "Sites" and then "Site Templates".


Step 2: Choose the template that you wanted to edit. Click "Edit" button.


Step 3: Click "Layout". Then drag the "Image" button and drop into the content area of your template.


Step 4: Select the already-uploaded image or browse the new image from your hard drive.


Step 5: The image is now added to your template. Move it over to the correct position in the content area.


Save the template when it's finished. And apply this template to your website.