How to Add the Header Background Image

Make the image the background of the Header area.

This is how to do:

Step 1: Go to "Sites" then click "Site Templates".


Step 2: Select the template which you want to add the header image. If it's the free default template, make sure that you

have duplicated and customize its copy version.


Step 3: Click "Advanced" and select "Header" from the dropdown menu.


Step 4: Set up the size (Width & Height). Padding & margin are optional. Make the width & height to match the exact size of

your image. Input "Auto" if you want its size to fit the width of "Page Layout". If you enable the padding & margin option, the

Width needs to be deducted according to the padding size as well. This is the advanced option. If you do not enable the

padding, the input number should be exactly the same with the actual image size.


Step 5: Next, select "Background". Enable the "Background Image".


Step 6: Click the "Browse" button.


Step 7: Select the already-uploaded image or click "Choose File" button to browse the image from your hard-drive.


Step 8: The image is now inserted in the template. Now you can set up other options (Repeat Image, Attachment,

Position, Background Opacity & Drop Shadow) as you wish. This is the advanced options.