How to Upload A File Through FTP

If you have added a file to the "Product" section and get a yellow bar warning on the browser, uploading through FTP is

a good alternative solution. Make sure you have already installed a FTP tool to your computer. It is a "free"

downloadable software on the internet. Then follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open the FTP tool which you have already downloaded. This tutorial is using "FileZilla"

Step 2: Enter the ftp details. If you can't recognize what it is, please contact your hosting provider.

Step 3: For FusionHQ hosting user, you can get the ftp details in the cPanel section. Then use the "IP, Username &

Password" as mentioned under the "". Be careful of any space while copying.

Step 4: On the left side, it is "Local site" which is the location of your file in the computer.

Step 5: The right side or "Remote site" is the location (path) which your file will be uploaded to.

Step 6: Go to the following path "/public_html/fhq_storage/xxxxxx". The "xxxxxx" is your FusionHQ membership

number. It's the only one folder under the "fhq_storage" folder.


Step 7: Then drag the file from the left side (Local site) to the right side (Remote site). Then the ftp will transfer your file

from its orginal location to the remote site.

Step 8:
Once the file is successfully uploaded, you will see its copy on the right side (Remote site).