What Is The Correct Uploading Option of Your Website?

After creating a website in FusionHQ, you can upload it directly from your FusionHQ account. Make sure that you have a 

domain and hosting service already set up. In the top right of the "Funnel Map" or "Sitemap", you will see "Options". Here 

you can find all uploading options for your website.

"FusionHQ Hosting / Verified Hosting" can be selected if your domains are registered with FusionHQ. This can also be 

used with any domains outside FusionHQ but are verified with our system. The available domains will be shown in the 

dropdown menu. Once chosen, you can enter the root path of your website in the input box.

"Unverified external hosting" should be used with any domains that are not registerd or verified with FusionHQ. You need 

to create an external hosting profile first, before applying this option.

"WordPress Sync" is used for WordPress sites only. It helps you synchronize the content created within FusionHQ with 

your WordPress site / blog.  

Select "Facebook" if you want to upload your page as the Facebook fanpage. If you have not logged in to your Facebook 

account yet, please fill it in the pop-up page.

"Other" can be used if you want to enter the FTP details of your website on your own. You can get the FTP details from your 

hosting provider. The FTP details must include the hosting name (ftp.yourdomain.com), your username and password. 

"Remote Path" is the location or the folder that you would like to upload your site to.  

"Remote Path" is the location or the folder that you would like to upload your site to.  

"Real Site URL" is the correct URL of your website. You can't type anything in the "Real Site URL" box because these details 

are automatically displayed once you upload successfully. If you have uploaded your site successfully and visited the 

webpage but the "Real Site URL" shows no details, it's likely that you've uploaded to the wrong path. 

If you have bought a domain from FusionHQ and use our hosting service, you can obtain the FTP details inside the Cpanel 

tab inside the "Domains & Hosting" section. The "IP" can be used as a host. You can also access cPanel here too.