How to Get the URL of Your Page or Website 

Not knowing where to look for the url of your site or the url of the pages in your sales funnel or content site can be 

frustrating. But let us show you how.

Step 1: Go to your "Sales Funnel" or "Content Site". If you have uploaded your "Sales Funnel" or "Content Site" already, 

you can see the url just below the funnel name or the content site name.

Step 2: You will be able to see each page's url as well by clicking on the edit button or the funnel name/content site name 

of your sales funnel/content site. 

Step 3: In the Funnel/Site map, click on the page's chain icon to view its url.

Step 4: This will show you the page url. If you use a "Slug name" in your page, you will see this short url.

Step 5: In the "Sales Funnels", you can have a longer url or what we call an "encrypted url" if you did not use any slug 

name. It's the url that is generated by the system.