How to Verify Your Domain With 

FusionHQ Hosting

If you buy your domains from other providers but want to use FusionHQ hosting, make sure that your package includes

our hosting service. If not, please click here to subscribe.

If you've hosted your domains with another provider, you need to point the name servers to FusionHQ first. If you don't 

know how to change the name server, please contact your current hosting provider.



Then follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Go to "Domains & Hosting" and then "Manage Domains". Type in your domain in the "Add Domain" box.

Step 2: Click "Verify". 

Step 3: Tick "FusionHQ Hosting" and click "Save". 

Step 4: Your domain is now verified.

Step 5: When you're uploading your site, you will be able to choose your domain from the drop-down menu inside 

"FusionHQ Hosting/Verified Hosting".