How to Get Rid of the Uploading 

Warning Message

If your product contains any downloadable files, you need to upload these files to the FusionHQ server, so your 

customers can download your file properly.

Once you finish your website, you will notice a yellow bar warning you to upload your file.  You can upload your files 

directly here. Please follow the instructions below...

Step 1: Go to your actual site and then click on the uploading warning message.

Step 2: Browse for the filename in your PC.

Step 3: Click "Upload".

Step 4: After the uploading, if you still get the warning message, please make sure that you have chosen the correct file.

The file name in the "Products" section and on your PC should be exactly the same.

Step 5: Make sure that there are no spaces inside your file name. Replace any spaces with hyphen / dash (-).

Step 6: If the file name mentioned on the warning message contains spaces, please rename the file which is on your 


Step 7: Next, go to the "Products" section again and change the file name inside the "Downloadable" file area.

Step 8: Upload your website.

Step 9: Go to your website and click the uploading warning message.

Step 10: Browse for your recently renamed file on your PC.

Step 11: Click "Upload".

Your file is now ready to be downloaded.