How to Generate A Webform Code

If you would like to add your customers from an external website to the optin list inside your FusionHQ account, use the 

"Webform" feature. Our system will generate a code which you can copy and paste on the external website.

Please follow the instructions below...

Step 1: Go to the "Autoresponder" tab and click "Webform".

Step 2: Enter the webform name in the box and click "Create Web Forms"..

Step 3: Inside "Web Form Settings", choose the optin list from the "Mail List" drop-down menu. This is the same optin 

list inside "Optin Forms" in the "Setup" section.

Step 4: Type in the link inside "Redirect URL". It is where you would like your customers redirected to after they opted-in.

Step 5. "Double Optin URL" is the link for a double optin page. After your customers have opted-in, they will recieve an 

email. If they click the confirmation link, they will be added to your list and will also be redirected to this URL.

Step 6: In the "Edit Web Form" section, choose a webform template from the drop-down menu. 

Step 7: Enter the title of your webform in the "Title" box.

Step 8: Customize your "Submit label".

Step 9: Fill in the description above the webform box in the "Top description" field.

Step 10: Fill in the description inside "Bottom description".  This will display at the bottom of the "Submit" button.

Step 11: Click "Save & Generate Code" to receive the code.

Step 12: Copy the auto-generated code and paste it onto any page outside of FusionHQ.