How to Use WordPress Plugin

FusionHQ has a WP plug-in which helps you to manage your membership sites only ie. set up the restricted area for

members only. You can also add your members manually , resend the username & password to them as well as set up

the expiry date. You cannot use this plug-in with the sales funnels.

Step 1: Log in to your WP site.

Step 2: Go to "Plugins" tab and click "Add New".

Step 3: Search for "fusionhq" plugin.

Step 4: Once the plugin is found, click "Install Now".

Step 5: After the plugin is successfully installed, click "Activate Plugin".

Step 6: Click "verify your FusionhQ API Key". You can find the key in your FusionHQ account. It's at "Settings" on the top


Step 7: Enter the email being used to log in to your FusionHQ account and the API keys you have just got. Click "Verify


Step 8: Once the verification is completed, you can select the membership site in your FusionHQ account that you want to

use this plugin. Next, click "Save Changes".

Step 9: You can find the "FusionHQ Site Manager" to restrict the access to the membership area when you are creating a

new page in your WP account.