How to Set Up the One Time Payment

With WSO Pro

Currently, FusionHQ allows you to set up a WSO Pro payment gateway so you can use in the Warrior Forum. FusionHQ

only receives the database from WSO Pro's IPN when your customers make the purchase. Then it will display the

transaction record on the Dashboard of your FusionHQ account. And you can combine with other features in FusionHQ.

Note that we do support only the Buy Once option. You cannot set up the subscription payment with our system now. Also

make sure that the product is properly set up. Then, you can set up its payment. 

Here's how:

Step 1: Go to "Setup" and continue to "3rd Party".

Step 2: Create a payment profile.

Step 3: Select "WSO Pro" as the Provider. Then enter your "WSO Pro Merchant Email" (log in ID) and select the "WSO

Pro Listing Type". Currently the only one available is "WSO Pro Standard". Then save settings.

Step 4: Go to "Setup" and continue to "Products". Edit your product.

Step 5: Click "Add Paymet Option" button.


Step 6: Name the payment option. Select the newly created "WSO Pro Profile". Enter the "Product Code" (at your WSO

Pro account. Go to my listing >> Vendor Link. The code is the last set of alphabets at the "Get your Vendor Link"). Next,

enter the "Landing URL". It's the page that your customers will be redirected after the payment. It could be the Thank you

page. After that, set up the pirce. It should exactly match the price in the listing in your WSO Pro account. Click Save.

Step 7: Click "Edit" button of the payment option that you have just created.

Step 8: The system will generate the "Delivery URL" & the "IPN Forwarding URL" which you need to insert it in the listing in

WSO Pro. Save the payment again.

see more: Setting Up the WSO Pro Listing