Setting Up the WSO Pro Listing

FusionHQ supports only the one time payment listing. We do not support the subscription payment yet. There's only few

things that need to be set in your WSO Pro account. You need to be sure that the details below are set up correctly.

Step 1: The "Delivery URL" at the "PRODUCT DETAILS" will be generated from FusionHQ. The "Delivery URL" of each

listing is unique.


Step 2: "PRICING DETAILS" should be "Buy Now" and the price should exactly match what you put in the payment set up in



Step 3: The "IPN Forwarding URL" at the "INTEGRATION OPTIONS" will be uniquely generated by FusionHQ system.

FusionHQ only acts as the one-way data receivers of the payment only so that the transactions will be recorded in your

FusionHQ account. Testing purchase, affiliate commission setting up or refund policy should be made within your WSO

Pro account.

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