What Are Yes 1, Yes 2 & Yes 3?

When you use the "Optin Box" or the "Buy Now" button, you may see the option to select the "Yes" connection. There are

"Yes 1", "Yes 2" and "Yes 3". These "Yes" are the link node which will redirect your customers to the next page.

For the "Optin Box", after you select the optin list, you will definitely find the "Use connection" option. If you select the optin

list which links to the external provider (ie. Aweber, Mailchimp, Gotomeeting or etc), you will find only this option. You can

select either "Yes 1", "Yes 2" or "Yes 3" option. The choice is yours.

Then at the "Funnel Map" or "Sitemap", you need to link what you have selected at the "Use connection" to the next page.

It's the page that your customers wil see after they optin.

For any optin list which links to FusionHQ mailer, you will see 2 options: "Use connection" & "Double optin link". The

difference between these 2 options is "Use connection" is the page that your customers will see after optin and the

"Double optin link" is the page that your customers confirm your list. If you have only one page after the opting in, you can

make both options the same "Yes".

At the "Funnel Map" or "Sitemap", you only need to link the "Yes 1" to that page.

Or you can choose it differently. For example "Yes 1" & "Yes "2".

Then at the Funnel Map / Sitemap, you make the link of both "Yes 1" & "Yes 2" to the same page.

Or if you have 2 different pages, you can make link of "Yes 1" & "Yes 2" differently so your customers will see the different


For the "Buy Now" button, at the "Link options", you can also use the "Use Connection Link". Select "Yes 1", "Yes 2" or

"Yes 3".

And then, at the "Funnel Map", you need to link the "Yes 1" to the page that you want your customers to see after the

payment is made.